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Humidifiers are a vital part of keeping you, your family and your home safe throughout the cold winter months. Call today to schedule your annual maintenance with Indoor Climate Experts HVAC

Our Annual Maintenance Visits Are Designed To Keep You & Your Family Comfortable, Healthy & Safe Through All Four Seasons.

Do your wood floors separate or creek in the Winter? Do you wake up every morning with a dry nose?

  • Your humidifier may not be working properly. We can repair your existing humidifier or install a new one to keep you comfortable.

Sinus troubles and messy nosebleeds?

  • Dry air could be to blame, and we can help!

Dry winter air increases your chances of catching the flu. The most natural remedy?

  • Adding humidity! Dry winter air contributes to flu and cold symptoms, asthma irritation, itchy skin and nosebleeds.​

Maintain moisture in your home and breathe #HealthyAir all winter long with Aprilaire humidifiers.

Aprilaire is the most highly respected company in the humidification management industry.

"We Find Moldy Humidifiers That Have Been Neglected All Too Often"

In Fact, More Then Half of The Humidifiers We See During Service Calls Are Improperly Installed or Non-Operational.

  • Most people are not aware that humidifiers require annual maintenance to keep them running efficiently.
  • Lack of maintenance may lead to costly water damage to your HVAC equipment and/or home.
  • No matter when or where, you ideally want to keep your indoor humidity between 40-60% for a happy, healthy home.​
  • Did you know that dry winter air feels colder than humidified air? With an Aprilaire whole home humidifier, set your thermostat lower and save money in the process.
Indoor Climate Experts HVAC only employs highly qualified NATE certified technicians and installers to guarantee our customers only the best local HVAC service by trusted advisers.

Our Team of NATE Certified Technicians Are Committed to Providing You With Quality Service That Exceeds The Industry Standards.

"We do not simply fix problems, We provide solutions" -ICEHVAC


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