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"The solution to pollution is dilution. It is very logical that if a chemical is bothering you, you should increase the flow of good air to dilute the level of the chemical."

                                                                              - Sherry Rogers

- As spring weather approaches, we are given the opportunity to relieve our homes of the stale air in our homes from the winter. Opening your windows can drastically enhance indoor air quality with proven benefits to your mind, body and overall atmosphere in your home.



Typically when you think of pollutants, you picture the smog over Los Angeles or Hong Kong but recent studies show that the air inside your home contains more toxins than the air outside. - Consumer Product Safety Commission.

Throughout the winter we indulge in the opportunity to heat our homes, enjoy our fireplaces, cook on the stove/oven, clean our homes, burn candles and all of the other activities that provide comfort throughout the winter months. We typically engage in all of these activities with the house sealed up to maintain a comfortable environment. Most people don't consider the fact that we are trapping and recirculating harmful toxins such as Mold, Bacteria, Carbon Monoxide, Volatile Organic Compounds, Dust, Allergens, Dirt and Pollen in our homes all winter long.

There are very few people who utilize indoor air quality equipment to avoid what is known as Sick Building Syndrome. A condition where people suffer symptoms of feeling ill for no apparent reason other than being in a building with poor indoor air quality. If you are like most people, continue reading for some helpful tips and solutions.



During the winter months most people notice that everybody's home has a unique smell that is directly connected to the pollutants and toxins released by various activities and objects in their home. Nobody likes that stuffy house smell and many people turn to air fresheners. The truth about air fresheners is that they are temporary solutions that in fact add to the pollutants (VOC's) in your home.

Instead, go to your thermostat and set the fan to the ON position then open your windows for a few hours per day. Do this and you will immediately notice a significant difference in the indoor air quality. Simply opening the windows and allowing your furnace to circulate the fresh air throughout your home will rid your home of stagnant air, toxins and pollutants accumulated over the winter.



There are overwhelming benefits to good indoor air quality. Harvard studies have shown "Improving ventilation and bringing in more outdoor dramatically improves students ability to achieve." The idea is that better air quality will benefit your physical and mental health, giving you the boost to feel better and maintain a higher level of comfort in your home.

By opening your windows and allow fresh air to replace the stale air in your home, even for an hour or two, you will decrease the CO2 levels, toxins, pollutants and volatile organic compounds (VOC's) that exist in every object. After only a few days you will notice a dramatic improvement of the smell in your home, you will think more clearly allowing you to make decisions and process information at higher levels.


Alternative IAQ Solutions

There are many people who may suffer from allergies, asthma or other respiratory diseases that impede their ability to allow outdoor contaminants such as pollen inside their home. Indoor air quality equipment has come a long way and is one of the top emerging markets in the United States today. We have solutions that will provide all the benefits listed above without jeopardizing your health.

Lennox Healthy Climate division has developed integrated equipment that is capable of automatically exchanging outdoor air that will automatically be heated or cooled to match the temperature in your home. Prior to entering your conditioned space we are then able to incorporate a HEPA filter and UV sterilization the air to eliminate all contaminants/pollutants.

Once our cutting revolutionary IAQ solutions are introduced into your home you will be left with consistent fresh, clean, healthy air quality that may improve your quality of life year round.

Contact Indoor Climate Experts HVAC to schedule an Indoor Air Quality consultation where we will evaluate your home to provide custom solutions to fit your individual needs.

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